Optimizing Your Ad Creative Post-IDFA


Great ad creative is important, now more than ever. With Apple's privacy changes already being implemented, mobile marketers must focus on leveraging their ad creative to acquire and retain their target users, despite the lack of the IDFA. 

We have listed some tips below on how to optimize your ad creative for your next mobile programmatic campaign without IDFA.

Determine your User Personas

Louis Tanguay, Managing Director & Founder at App Growth Summit, explains in this article that "old-school marketing is the new mobile marketing," now that the IDFA is gone. He explains that for marketers to know who to reach without user-level data, we need to go back to our marketing roots and establish a User Persona. By knowing information such as your users' interests and personalities, you can segment your audience and create targeted ad creative and copy that each persona can relate to. 

Have an engaging CTA 

Provide value to users through clear and concise call to actions (CTAs). Your value statement should be compelling copy about your app’s unique selling points, that will motivate users to engage with your mobile ad. The value might also be a subtle lift in mood, sentiment, or a feeling of being understood. Aim to deliver value through offering useful information, entertainment, or access to content, in exchange for the user’s attention. To learn more about tips on how to level up your CTAs, you can look at our infographic here

Create an emotional connection

A good way to motivate users to perform an action with your ad is by building an emotional connection. This can be done through the help of contextual signals. Context is an especially important factor that should always go hand-in-hand with your ad creative design, as these two engage and connect users to your brand. It gives you an idea of how to resonate better with your users by hinging on their experiences prior to seeing your ad. That’s why we at Aarki have been building prediction models that include a greater range of contextual signals to deliver against our client’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

Be creative with creative testing 

Privacy restrictions on an SKAdNetwork campaign ID mean that live campaigns that lack enough scale don’t generate learnings on post-install events via conversion values quickly enough. This makes the cost of learning restrictive to some advertisers. Here are some approaches that can help: 

  1. Test your new creative in existing and mature SKAdNetwork campaigns, and track performance changes. 
  2. For now, some geographic data can be derived from the SKAdNetwork postback. You can split the traffic within the campaign by geographic region, then measure the results to better understand the creative performance. This can be a way to track post install conversion on a creative level. Be sure to split carefully to minimize bias.
  3. Although not guaranteed to be transferable, you can always derive and apply learnings from Android campaigns, or from users who have opted in to tracking.

You can read about this here, wherein Grace Oabina, Aarki’s Sr. Manager - Analytics, talks more about creative testing.

Despite still having uncertainties about the new changes in our industry, Aarki is constantly adapting, and creating solutions to ensure that we always provide outstanding services. To know more about how Aarki is optimizing mobile ads, send us a message here.

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