Navigating Healthcare App Advertising During the Pandemic with mFine

Aarki's Programmatic Connect Digital with mFine

The new decade has brought the whole world into a time of unprecedented upheaval. All countries have been struck by a pandemic that no one was ready for but had to adapt to. In the mobile industry, the effect of the pandemic has led to many publishers and solution providers having to rapidly adjust to the increase of mobile users. 

We’ve invited Pankaj Tewary, Digital Marketer at mFine, to discuss how they have adapted the marketing strategy for their healthcare app. Find out how by watching the video below.

In this episode, our Senior Account Executive in India, Pompika Gautam, questions Pankaj on the different strategies they have taken in the wake of the pandemic, and how he views mobile programmatic advertising in today’s digital age. 

Discover the following in this video:

  • The importance of embracing mobile programmatic
  • How mFine approaches healthcare app advertising during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Different strategies on how to grow and re-engage healthcare app users

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Topics: Marketplace Insights