Marketplace Apps: User Ad Engagement

Ad engagement of marketplace app users

Color, copy and ad format are some of the things you should consider when designing an ad creative for your mobile programmatic campaign. All these components come into play because marketplace app users have certain preferences and it is important for you to understand these to maximize your acquisition of new users. 

Marketplace apps: User ad engagement infographic

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Interstitial Display

  • CTA: “Download Now” or “Open App”
  • CTA color: Green
  • Background: Non-plain
  • Background color: Pink
  • Ad copy: Free credits
  • Strategy: Bonus
  • Audio: With audio


  • CTA: “Download Now”
  • CTA color: Yellow
  • Background: Non-plain
  • Background color: Blue
  • Ad copy: No ad copy
  • Strategy: App features
  • Audio: Less than 30s


  • CTA: “Download Free”
  • CTA color: White
  • Background: Non-plain
  • Background color: Multi-color
  • Ad copy: App teaser
  • Strategy: Bonus

Our research across thousands of campaigns has uncovered some clear winning combinations amongst marketplace app users. For interstitial ads, users prefer a green call to action (CTA) and a pink ad creative background. For video ads, they prefer a yellow CTA with a blue background, and for banner ads, marketplace app users prefer a white CTA with a multicolor background. Learn more about effective ad copy, design and creative combinations for marketplace user ad engagement in our infographic below. 

Your ad creative is critical to making a good impression on your marketplace app users, which is why understanding their preferences will assist you to create enticing content. But you need to look beyond ad engagement and consider their demographics and lifestyle as well. This will allow you to create data-driven ads tailored to your audience. 

We hope that our three-part infographic series will help you in your next campaign for your marketplace app. To learn more on how Aarki can help you, drop us a message here.

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