Marketplace Apps: User Lifestyle

Marketplace Apps: User Lifestyle infographic

Ever wondered what your marketplace app users are up to? One of the biggest influencers of the increase in downloads of marketplace apps is the lockdown. We saw a 17.1% growth in downloads all around the world this 2020. People are looking for ways to continue their shopping habits in the safety of their own homes.

Marketplace Apps: User Lifestyle infographic

For a campaign to succeed, your audience must be able to relate to it, and what better way than to try to get into the shoes of your market to understand them. The infographic above shows different information about the user lifestyle of marketplace app users. It is a good insight into the interests of your audience and will help you craft the right messaging that could capture the attention of your market.

By looking into the infographic, one of the things that can be noticed is that the highlighted shopping category is fashion, which you could use in your ad creative to appeal to the likes of the audience. Furthermore, the most used social media is Facebook. This information could be used to know where you could place your ads to maximize the reach.

Ready to know more about the user of this rising app category? Sit tight as the third part of the infographic series is coming out soon!

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