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In 2020, we leaped into the online world, greatly increasing the demand for apps that make going about life more convenient. One of the app categories that satisfy both our needs and wants is marketplace apps, where sellers come together and use it as a platform to offer their products and services to a curated consumer base. They are like online department stores, made more convenient as anyone can access them anywhere they wish as long as they have their mobile gadgets.

Everywhere, around the world, marketplace apps have seen a great surge. Just in the Asia-Pacific region, Business of Apps reported a 43% increase from November 2019 to March 2020.

Market place user demographics infographic

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  • 51% male
  • 49% female

Income Level

  • 82% $125,000 plus


  • 46% 25 - 34 y/o
  • 26% 35 - 44 y/o
  • 20% 45 - 54 y/o

Occupation: Function 

  • 21% Sales
  • 20% Finance


  • 30% University graduate

Occupation: Industry 

  • 15% Finance
  • 14% Software

Relationship Status 

  • 37% Married


  • 46% Suburban
  • 41% Urban core

The infographic presented above highlights the user demographics of marketplace apps. These are essential statistics that can help you understand your market better, thus designing a marketing campaign that your target audience can surely resonate with.

The largest age group that uses marketplace apps are those aged between 25-34 years old, who are a part of the older millennial generation. Millennials, like every generation, have a distinct characteristic that must be taken advantage of to attract their attention. This is one of the examples of how user demographics can help you be successful in your campaign.

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