Level up your Educational Apps: Best Creative Strategies


No one would deny that students today are glued to their smartphones. The young generation is addicted to mobile apps, whether it is for shopping, entertainment, or socializing, and nowadays, they are also looking for apps that will help them gain knowledge about the subjects they are interested in and help them with their studies. 

The academic year has already started and with the lockdowns everywhere, the education system is facing one of the biggest evolutions of the era. The market has been quick to respond and now students can access essential resources anytime and anywhere and learn nearly everything on their smartphones. With an increasing number of mobile learning apps, it is becoming easier for students to understand their subjects in more depth. Hence, it is not surprising that the education category of the app store is the third most popular segment. 

Case Study

We at Aarki recently ran a campaign for a well-known educational app. The campaign’s results were impressive. It generated a 64.09% increase in conversion rate (CR) and a 21.82% decrease in the cost per install (CPI). Taking a closer look at the campaign performance, we noticed a 38.37% decrease in the cost per signup and an 83.31% decrease in cost per conversion.

There are several factors that influenced this campaign’s success, but for this article, we will focus on the creative strategies that our in-house creative team researched and implemented.

Creative Strategies for Educational Apps

    1. Show the benefits of having a subscription

Showing the benefits of having a subscription will provide value both to your app and to the target audience. For instance, you might offer subscribers access to additional content or live chat with expert teachers. Showcase these features and emphasize their value. 


    2. Offer discounts 

For most consumers, discovering discounts is an essential part of their overall app experience. Anytime you tell them they can save money you are likely to get their attention. Offering discounts can also be an effective way to encourage users to reap the benefits of the subscription. Offering discounts on monthly or yearly subscriptions are especially attention grabbing. 


    3. Highlight how easy it is to learn

Highlighting how easy it is to learn can be one of the best ways to encourage users to download your app. Bricks and mortar schools and special classes are restricted by time, place, and age, but education apps have none of these restrictions and can motivate students to advance themselves quickly – especially if the content is engaging and fun. 

Easy Learning

    4. Promote any unique features

Today, there are many educational apps offering intuitive learning for students. To increase the downloads of your app you should promote unique features that make the experience more engaging. Consider offering a “Free Trial” to spike interest in users and get them to test your app. 

There are a variety of strategies you can utilize when designing ads for a certain market. At Aarki, we can help you identify the most effective creative strategy combination that will help you advance your app.


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