Level Up Your Ecommerce App in Europe

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Globally, the eCommerce industry is alive and well. This industry is bustling with opportunities across all demographics. Online shopping opportunities are now so convenient that today’s customers can get whatever they need with just a swipe of a finger.

The European eCommerce market is breaking down online barriers and overcoming challenges so people can enjoy full access to all goods and services. One of the main drivers for this rapid growth can be attributed to the increase in the usage of mobile devices worldwide. People don’t just shop online; they also use their mobile devices to browse or research their purchases. As trust in online shopping increases, consumers feel more comfortable shopping on mobile devices. In fact, eCommerce sales in Europe grew to 621 billion euros in 2019. 

Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities in Europe, yet its usage varies by region. In Switzerland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom the share of customers who shopped online is over 85%, while in countries such as Romania and Ukraine, less than 26% shopped online last year. Although 66% of eCommerce turnover is concentrated in Western Europe, the other European regions offer real potential for growth. Currently, eCommerce revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.7%, with a projected market volume of about $510M by 2024. With this much competition, how will your eCommerce app attract attention?

Basic eCommerce Strategies in Europe

Let’s review some fundamental strategies to make your eCommerce app a hit in Europe. 

     1. Design for mobile

Mobile is an important factor in the strong advancement of the eCommerce sales channel in Europe. Consumers appreciate the convenience of being able to shop anytime and anywhere, having access to a broader range of products. The superior user experience that mobile apps provide means it is no wonder that app users are one of the most valuable shoppers around the globe, converting at a higher rate than mobile web users. And the share of e-shoppers among internet users is steadily growing, with the highest proportions found in the age groups 16-24 (78%) and 25-54 (76%).

     2. Implement personalization

Nowadays with so much clutter, your creative has to be relevant to be noticed, and this requires granular-level personalization.  

Personalized ads are based on users’ interests and past behavior which enhance the user experience and drive higher engagement rates. When implementing a personalization strategy, consider creating user segments based on spend level, viewed categories, wallet balance, and engagement metrics. 

Wallet Balance ecommerce ad

Cultural awareness is also an important aspect of personalization. There is huge cultural variation across Europe, and this should be considered in your customer experience design. For instance, in the Netherlands, orange is the color of the Dutch Royal family and is associated with tradition and formality, while in other regions, for example, in Egypt the color is associated with mourning. 

     3. Always test your ads

To create great performing ads, you need to understand the audience and their needs. It is essential to have a user-centric approach to the conceptualization of your ad. Testing will help you see which ad performs best in each market, and to understand which creative elements influence that variation. With a multi-variant testing strategy, you can start tweaking and adjusting the winning ads to come up with the perfect combination for each target audience. 

Ecommerce ad orange call to actionEcommerce ad blue call to action

     4. Don’t underestimate localization

Another crucial point to consider for the eCommerce app campaign when engaging with the target audience is localization. It gives you the possibility of tapping into new territories on the track of wider audience reach. Our professional translators translate up to 26 language variants and we dynamically serve the appropriate language to each specific region thus overcoming language barriers and bridging the distance gap with the target audience. 

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