Introducing Pompika Gautam, Employee of the Month

Pompika Gautam Aarki Employee of the Month

Work isn't always all about delivering output and putting in the hours. Employees become more engaged with their work, and with the company, when they gain meaningful motivation and recognition for the work they have done, big or small. 

Motivated employees proactively look for new solutions to overcome challenges they encounter at work, to achieve their team goals, and, for the greater good. We’re excited to announce that this month’s employee feature is Pompika Gautam, our Senior Account Executive in India. Her outstanding performance and dedication are a significant contribution to the company.

“Under the pandemic situation in 2020, Pompika needed to work from home and could not have physical meetings with clients from March, when the cases rapidly increased in India. Despite this environment, she reached out to prospects constantly and had online meetings,” said Naoki Kobayashi, VP of Sales in Asia at Aarki. “Sometimes she involved the Client Services team, Analysts and me in the meetings. I think this approach was effective, as clients understood the Aarki team and our support capability. As a result, she closed deals from Zynga India, MFine, Oyo Rooms and Paytm etc. These are large accounts and span various categories such as gaming, health, hotel/travel, e-commerce, and fintech. These client relationships are a great impetus for expanding the Indian market further. I believe Pompika will continue to grow in 2021, as will her confidence.”

Pompika has been with Aarki for over a year and her passion and congenial personality is an asset in building relationships with mobile marketers in India. She has succeeded in developing long-term relationships with clients and we look forward to seeing her grow in the future. 

To know more about Pompika’s personality, viewpoints, and goals, we asked her a couple questions.  

Q: How do you describe the Aarki company culture?
Aarki’s company culture is very cool. I love that I can reach out to anyone, even though we work from different locations. I am happy that I get a chance to give my opinion and share my ideas. Also, I get lots of support and back-up whenever required.

Pompika Gautam Aarki Work From Home

Q: How did your interest in the mobile industry begin?
It began right from the time I switched to a smart phone and started using apps. I always wondered about how life becomes easier with the usage of mobile apps.

Q: What is the most important tip to bridge the trust gap between you and clients?
The key is to listen and put ourselves in their shoes. It gives us a chance to understand their perspective and cater to their needs better. Regular and effective communications let them know that we stand with them to build a long-term relationship.

Q: What keeps you busy outside work? 
Netflix, cooking, and playing with my dog.

Q: What is your most favorite vacation destination?
Bali, as I am a beach person.

Q: What are the three things you can’t live without?
The Internet, gadgets, and good food.

   Pompika Gautam Aarki Vacation     Pompika Gautam Beach Vacation Aarki

We are thrilled to have Pompika as an Aarki team member who is dedicated and works hard to overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities!

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