Introducing Agnes Lusung, Employee of the Month


A happy workplace is a healthy workplace. When employees from different backgrounds and communities come together for one goal, recognizing them as people with unique abilities and talents naturally makes them feel more engaged and motivated.

We are delighted to continue our insights series featuring Aarki employees who shine during the month. Agnes Lusung, Business Development Manager at Aarki was the most exceptional this month for her unceasing strive and commitment.

"Marrying business and technical perspectives is never an easy task, but Agnes did a great job managing both,” said Kim Aquino, Director of Business Development at Aarki. “Agnes has built ad operations team from the ground up and now handles publisher relationships, successfully contributing to our business growth. She has grown as quickly as our business has, and her eagerness to take on new responsibilities is something to be admired. We're very fortunate to have her on our team."

Agnes’s contribution to our team has spanned eight years. Her continuous efforts and dedication help her deliver her best and achieve the assigned goals within the stipulated time frame.

To uncover more about Agnes’s viewpoints and goals, we asked her several questions. 

Q: What do you love most about the company culture at Aarki?
One thing that I love here at Aarki is that everyone is visible and reachable, including the higher-ups. I’m grateful that if you have concerns, you have the opportunity to ask, and if you have suggestions, you’re welcome to put them forward. I like the employee-recognition scheme that we have, and I hope that we will continue to do that. I love that the company makes us part of the decision making and constantly asks for our opinions, this makes us feel important and valued. I am also thankful that the company continues to put our safety first during this pandemic.

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Q: What do you think is the most important skill needed in your role?

"Paying close attention even to minor details helps prevent problems or mistakes from piling up."

I guess in both roles that I am currently engaged in, being detail-oriented is a must. Paying close attention even to minor details helps prevent problems or mistakes from piling up. It helps me determine what are the questions that I need to ask, whom to ask and how to ask them. 

Q: How do you champion a new idea or strategy in your workplace?
My first step is to believe that the idea or the strategy will work and focus all my efforts on its accomplishment. I explain and provide more details about the idea or the strategy. Laying out some examples where it worked for others also helps. And yes, not everyone will agree, so learn to accept and respect their opinions. Lastly, get ready to listen to their suggestions and recommendations.


Q: What's the best advice you would give your younger self?
I had difficulty prioritizing my goals and ended up not achieving most of them because I wasn’t focused and I easily got derailed by the small stuff. So, my advice to my younger self would be. 
- Follow the SMART rule (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound)
- Do not procrastinate
- Embrace your failures
- Save up

Q: If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first and why?
If magic was real, I would love to learn how to bend time or anything related to time. I love the idea of going back and forth between the past, present, and the future. If we make mistakes, we can easily go back and correct them and we can also prevent this pandemic from happening. It would be awesome to relive and experience all the good things both in the past and in the future.

Q: What are the three things you can’t live without?
Faith, knowing that there is someone up there who is looking out for me. My family and friends, who are always there to support and provide love and money :). But on the lighter side, I can’t live without Ginger Brew Salabat because this is my substitute to coffee. Next would be my laptop or phone. Lastly, the internet, so I can binge-watch my favorite tv series and dramas. :)

We are happy to have Agnes on our team as a vivid example that hard work and dedication always pave the way for success.

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