Introducing Aarki Analytics Team, Employees of the Month

Aarki Analytics Team photos

Workplace happiness is directly tied to employee appreciation, praise, and recognition. Armed with this belief, we are delighted to continue our Insight Series featuring Aarki employees who gave stellar work performances during the month and contributed immensely to the company’s success. The Analytics Team is praised in this month’s spotlight for delivering efficient campaign execution and optimization that resulted in continuous superior campaign performance for one of our evergreen clients. 

The Analytics Team is a group of hard-working and whip-smart people who always give their very best to deliver a successful campaign to the client,” says Grace Oabina, Senior Manager of Analytics at Aarki. “They are able to adapt easily to the fast-paced work environment which is one of the traits clients admire. Handling a big account is both an honor and a great responsibility, but with the team’s dedication they manage to continuously grow their account and already surpassed last year’s revenue by 19%. They are diverse but blend well due to their learning agility and supportiveness.”

To get to know them better, we asked them several questions.

Q: What's the coolest thing about your job?

TyroneIt's about how connected people are regardless of time and culture differences. We're able to discuss, decide, agonize, and enjoy our work as a team.

Tyrone Pullan - Senior Data Analyst 
  instagram @tyligaya

Aside from the learning opportunities, Aarki has given me, I think it's cool how we can always come up with new strategies to adjust and adapt to the changing nature of the mobile marketing industry. While most of the employees come from different fields of study, we work in a complementary way and have learned new things from one another.

Genali Bercasio - Data Analyst
instagram @genalibercasio  


The challenges that come along from managing an account, and helping the client work towards their goal, have always been the coolest part of the job. A lot of factors are always in play, especially in the mobile advertising industry, so analytical skills are very critical. It’s been a learning process for me since day one. Being surrounded by my teammates, who some have been in the industry for years and some, despite being new, provide fresh and out of the box ideas, has put me in a better position to approach  and solve these challenges.

  Ryan David - Senior Data Analyst


For me, the coolest thing about working in Aarki as an Analyst is that every day is different; thus, the opportunities to learn are endless. Having to face different problem
s from time to time challenges and encourages us to be more critical and creative with the answers we give to the client.

Ana Amores - Data Analyst
  instagram @moebeeamores    

karlaThe cool thing about my job is that I get to learn and explore different visualization and programming tools in helping our client achieve the goals of their business model. 

Karla Concepcion - Jr. Data Analyst  
instagram @karlacoleen   

Q: Describe Aarki culture in three words 

Tyrone:  Connected, Curious, Progressive
Genali: Diverse, Collaborative, Inclusive
Ryan:  Fast-paced, Diverse and Innovative
Ana: Nurturing, Collaborative, Engaging
Karla: Welcoming, Collaborative, and Fun

We are delighted to have The Analytics Team as a vivid example that dedication and hard work can lay a firm ground for continuous success.


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