[Guide] Scaling Casual Apps in South Korea


Casual gaming apps in South Korea have grown tremendously since the onset of lockdowns and social distancing measures in 2020. Based on recent studies, they have climbed the ladder to becoming the most popular and preferred genre of mobile gaming in 2021. It is also found that the user base of new gamers have more spending power. This gives you a golden opportunity to run winning mobile programmatic campaigns for your casual gaming apps in South Korea.

Aarki has compiled tips and insights on how to do just that! Download our latest guide, “A Guide to Scaling Casual Apps in South Korea,” to know the secrets behind the key areas on how to run a successful programmatic campaign in the region. The guide also contains case studies from working together with RisingWings, a well-known game production company based in Seoul.

What to Find in This Guide

  • Winning creative strategies and best practices to win the hearts of Korean casual gamers
  • Campaign management strategies that would help you run a successful mobile programmatic campaign in South Korea
  • Machine learning insights and advantages that will allow you to reach your target audience

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