Growth Strategies for Healthcare Apps featuring 1mg

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The mobile healthcare industry is showing continuous growth. Forecasts show that between 2019 and 2026, this industry will have a compound annual growth rate of 34.20%. As more consumers are shifting towards a mobile-centric lifestyle, it is unsurprising that the healthcare industry is moving towards this direction as well. The question is, how will these marketers strategize and prepare for a successful marketing campaign?

Tune in to our latest episode below to understand how 1mg - one of India’s top healthcare apps - has achieved success. 

Harneet Singh, a Marketing Manager at 1mg, shares his insights into the mobile healthcare industry with key learnings from his experience working at one of the top healthcare apps in India. With Aarki’s Senior Account Executive in India, Pompika Gautam, they discuss some tips that marketers should know before starting any type of ad campaign.

Listen in on the following discussions:

    • A mobile expert’s perspective on the mobile healthcare industry and the role of programmatic advertising
    • Tips and insights from an experienced Marketing Manager on initiating a strategic app campaign
    • The role and importance of creatives in an ad campaign

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