Grow your High Lifetime User Base

Grow your High Lifetime User Base through Aarki's UA campaign

Grow your high lifetime value user base through Aarki’s User Acquisition campaign! Our tried and tested process has contributed to the success of previous mobile app acquisition campaigns.

It isn’t as hard as you think! Our campaign start-up process has three phases. Explore, where we’ll collect the number of installs and impressions that will feed and train our algorithm. Next is install optimization. Where our robust machine learning algorithm models predict the probability of a user to install the app, and optimize towards a stable cost per install.

The last phase is the event optimization. Where custom models are developed for the data gathered previously to deliver your campaign KPIs such as ROI. High lifetime value users are targeted through our robust machine learning algorithms, so you can be sure that your ad dollars are maximized in the best way possible.

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