Global Growth Strategies for Gaming Apps with Zynga

Global Growth Strategies Gaming App Zynga Aarki

Many international mobile gaming companies have extended their reach into India - one of the most populous countries in the world. It’s not surprising, as a current study shows that the Indian mobile gaming market is forecasted to reach $404 million by 2022, and possibly exceed that due to the lockdown. 

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pompika saras titlesWe’ve invited Saraswathi Panigrahi, Growth & Marketing Manager in Zynga India, to discuss her experience in running mobile programmatic campaigns, and the importance of putting your mobile game users first. Together with Aarki’s Pompika Gautam, Senior Account Executive - India, they outline key industry challenges and elaborate on the importance of strategies for targeting global audiences. 

In this video, you will: 

    • Uncover fundamental misconceptions in the mobile advertising industry
    • Understand the significance of re-engagement to acquire valuable and loyal users
    • Gather strategies for personalizing your ads to cater to a global audience

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