Expanding Your Social Networking Community with Dating App

Expanding Your Social Networking Community with Dating App

Japan has one of the strongest mobile economies in the world. According to this article, 46% of Japanese mobile app users are willing to spend money on the apps that they like. If you would like to know more about the country’s programmatic ecosystem, you can check our insight article. Social networking apps are one of the most popular channels of communication in the digital age and they vary by country and language. With increasing numbers of consumers  depending on these types of apps to communicate, how are you preparing to capture the market with your own social networking app?

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This latest episode of Programmatic Connect Digital covers how Cosmology expanded their community of a dating app. A leading Producer at Cosmology, Daisuke Hirose, and Aarki’s very own Country Manager in Japan, Hiro Kurata, discuss in depth the strategies that significantly improved the performance of the app. This episode also includes the following topics:

    • Insights on the Japanese market’s programmatic media future
    • Strategies for acquiring and retargeting social networking app users
    • Results of the creative strategies that increased user engagement

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