Enabling Non-Attributed Event Data for Re-Engagement

Non attributed data reengagement

Predicting the expected revenue from a particular ad impression is crucial for your re-engagement campaign success. To calculate the purchase probability of a user, and thus improve the ROI prediction, advanced machine learning models can use non-attributed data to conduct post-install event optimization. 

This infographic explains the importance of sharing non-attributed first-party data (e.g. opens and sessions). 

To begin, we will define non-attributed data. 

What is non-attributed data? 

Non-attributed event data includes organic installs or events, and other paid media data that the advertiser has collected. Aarki uses non-attributed data together with Aarki-attributed data (from Aarki campaigns) to train the custom models and to achieve the following benefits.  

non attributed data for reengagement

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