Different Creative Strategies Using Users' Post Install Data

Creative Strategies Using Users' Post Install Data: Personalized retargeting ad  on a phone screen

Effective creative is one of the essential factors in retargeting lapsed users and re-engaging your existing ones. Incorporating users' post install data into your ad creative will significantly help your retargeting efforts. 

The creative strategies listed below have proved to be successful in numerous campaigns run by Aarki.

  • Different messaging for segments based on engagement 

An effective way to structure your campaign is to segment your users based on their levels of engagement (create targeting groups) and produce creative personalized to those segments. For instance, highly engaged users will respond to an ad creative that is focused on the game’s new features, while low engaged users respond well to reminders on how they can get freebies or daily rewards. 

The Campaign Setup 

In a puzzle game campaign, we targeted 7 days lapsed users, who were segmented into six targeting groups based on lifetime purchase value. For each targeting group we ran one non-personalized and one personalized creative. The non-personalized creative was the same across all targeting groups while personalized creative varied for each targeting group. This engagement level strategy helped Aarki generate 6% lower cost per reactivation and improved ROI by 54%.

Performance table for targeted group creatives

Retargeting ad generic  Retargeting ad Personalized, targeting group

  • Different messaging based on user level attributes

A more personalized way to reach your target audience is to have dynamic creative per user, incorporating user level attributes into the creative. Some attributes to consider for a gaming app are highest level achieved, remaining coins, or boosters, while an eCommerce app should consider incorporating last searched product, or last bought product. With this post install data, we create ads that dynamically optimize messaging to an individual user at ad serving time. This strategy is mostly used for eCommerce apps but we at Aarki have found this strategy successful with gaming apps as well. We’ve seen this type of creative strategy is most effective on highly engaged users. Do take note that hyper-personalized creative ads can also have a negative effect on the users, so finding the right data to incorporate in your ads is vital. Don’t forget to test, test, test!

The Campaign Setup

The campaign targeted lapsed users, grouped according to their purchase engagement. The use of user level attributes helped us increase ROI by 53% and improved cost per reactivation by 17%.


Retargeting ad generic  Retargeting ad personalized: user attributes

At Aarki, all creative strategies are integrated with AI-powered media optimization to ensure advertising is not only personalized but also optimized for efficiency and scale. Test out different strategies and find out which one works best for your target audience! 


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