Creative Tips for Your Shopping App for the Ramadan Season

Ramadan ecommerce mobile apps

Holidays and seasons can have a significant impact on mobile app use. During some, users drop off; in others, they increase. During Thanksgiving, for example, eCommerce booms. We see a similar activity during Ramadan.

Ramadan is observed as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. Spending time with family and friends and gift giving have always been part of the holiday. The Ramadan season is now also a popular time for shopping, entertainment, and traveling, helped by mobile apps. According to Forbes, shopping app downloads increased by 40%, and in-app purchases increased by 35%, during the week before Ramadan. 

Insights by mobile marketing service provider InMobi show that 32% of consumers use shopping apps on their smartphones during the holy month to purchase a range of items from groceries to clothing. It also shows that user traffic increases by 230%, while conversions increase by 30%.

You can improve your shopping app’s performance during Ramadan by launching an ad campaign. Consider personalization, app deals, and sequential ads to boost engagement for your shopping app. A creative focus is also an aspect to consider when mapping out a successful ad campaign. 

Let’s take a deep dive into how these consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced. Based on the InMobi report, 40% of consumers say personalization plays a big role in using a shopping app. Promoting discount coupons, according to 33% of consumers, are also key. Recent brand ads and brand loyalty clock in at 19% and 8% respectively.

Wondering how to grab the opportunity to engage with 1.9 billion Muslims every year? Learn more how your shopping app can take advantage of the Ramadan holiday below.

3 Creative Tips to Tailor Your Shopping App Creative to Ramadan

1. Design personalized ad creatives to re-engage users

Develop ad creatives based on your target users’ interests and previous activities within the app. Those can result in higher engagement rates and an enhanced user experience. 

Read our article about creative personalization to learn how you can benefit from this strategy.

Ramadan personalization ad creative

2. Grow your user base with great shopping app deals

As a season of gift giving and community appreciation, offering Ramadan-linked deals is a great way to entice shoppers. You can incorporate current discounts or deals into your ad creatives to attract more users to your app.

Ramadan app deals ad creative

3. Experiment with sequential advertising

Sequential advertising is used to drive engagement and develop a better connection with your target audience. The process is simple: you serve different ad creatives to your audience depending on which part of the funnel they’re in. It’s similar to telling a story because you’re basically letting the viewers experience your brand or app in a sequence based on where they are in the funnel. 

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of the ad format. Video ads see a surge of consumption during Ramadan. The majority of consumers actually prefer video ads compared to other ad formats.

Besides the ad format, the creative strategy used in each stage of the funnel is also important. Matching the context and messaging of your ads is key to engaging with the target audience. You can read more on sequential advertising creative strategies for shopping apps in our article here.

sequential ad ramadan ad creative

If you’re wondering what your shopping app is capable of in the long term, learn more from our article today. And if you’re itching to learn more about how you can benefit from one of the most important holidays of the year, shoot us a message here


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