Creative Strategies to Re-engage Your Storytelling App Users


Mobile simulation apps come in all forms and genres. There are simulation games that portray real-life circumstances, and there are others where the gameplay emulates popular movies or culture. Storytelling apps are simulation games where the player can engage with the app through interactive gameplay and choose what happens in their story. In this article, we will discuss storytelling apps and present data-driven, tried-and-tested creative strategies to help you re-engage with your lapsed users. 

Aarki ran a retargeting campaign for a storytelling app that displayed incredible performance in a short period of time. This campaign saw an 83% decrease in cost per reactivation (CPR) and an increase in return on investment (ROI) of 191%. Taking a closer look into the performance we saw that conversion rate (CR), click-through rate (CTR), and install rate (IR) grew by 24%, 47%, and 82%, respectively. 

There are several factors that influenced this campaign’s success, but for this article, we’ll focus on the creative strategies at play. We spoke to our in-house creative team and they shared some insights and tips on how to make your storytelling ad creative work. 

Creative Tips for Storytelling Apps

     1. Remind your users why they engaged with the app

There are tons of different stories to choose from in an interactive storytelling app. Serving ads that encourage users to try out new stories or unlock popular ones in the game is a key way to re-engage with your lapsed users. 


     2. Challenge users to influence the story

This strategy not only demonstrates how the game works, but also is an opportunity to showcase a compelling storyline from your app. Present a preview of a story and in the last frame, allow the user to decide on how the story should progress. This works especially well for romance and drama genres, though it’s always a good idea to test out different variations to see which one works the best. 


     3. Put love at the center of your ad creative

Spice up an ad by showing the possible love interests in a certain story. It spikes interests in users, especially when the storyline heats up. 


Designing ad creatives doesn’t have to be challenging. When it comes to re-engagement campaigns, a good strategy to start with is to remind users why they installed your app in the first place. Read more creative insights from Aarki to discover how you can take your creative game up a level!


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