Creative Strategies for Word Games

Word Games: Sketched ad with two users

Word games are a great way to spend your free time effectively. They have become popular all over the world due to their entertaining nature and wide range of benefits. Word games can boost an individual’s overall cognitive abilities, improve vocabulary and concentration and relieve stress. And it’s not a surprise that according to Statista, word game downloads have increased 20% in the past year to 1.2 billion.

Case Study

We at Aarki ran a user acquisition campaign for a crossword game app running on Android devices. The results of the campaign were promising. It generated a 15.89% increase in conversion rate (CR) and a 16.28% increase in install rate (IR). We also observed an 8.72% decrease in cost per install (CPI) and an impressive 204% increase on the client's return on investment (ROI) goal.  

The favorable outcome of the campaign can be attributed to multiple factors but we will review the creative strategies that our in-house design team explored and executed.

Creative Strategies for Word Games

  • Show a failed gameplay

One of the most effective creative strategies to promote a word game app is to show failed gameplays. It is a great way to let your audience have a sneak peek at your app and pique interest. Show certain problematic situations to the user and options for how they can be fixed. For instance, showing gameplay between a newbie and a veteran player might encourage the viewer to try out the game to prove his/her skills at a seemingly easy game.

Failed Gameplay

  • Promote as a relaxing game

Playing word games can help users relax and unwind, and this value should be emphasized to attract users. To support this further, consider using calming backgrounds such as landscapes, night sky, and falling leaves on your ads to highlight and reinforce the relaxation factor.

Relaxing word game ad

  • Highlight benefits for the brain

Highlighting the benefits of word games for the brain, such as sharpening the mind and improved memory, is a great way to encourage your audience to download your app. Word games are mentally stimulating and can enhance an individual’s intellectual skills – all while being fun as well. Leveraging scientific claims such as “30 minutes a day to sharpen your brain” can also serve as an impetus for the user to try the game.

Word game add highlighting benefits of the brain

With so many strategies available for you to use, let Aarki help you determine the most functional creative strategies to boost your app.


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