Creative Best Practices for your Healthcare Apps Users

Healthcare Apps Best Practices

The digital health market is flourishing worldwide. The use of mobile apps in the healthcare sector has skyrocketed, especially in the past five years, with approximately 200 new healthcare apps being built each day. However, this statistic is pre-COVID-19, so we can assume that this number is even higher now.  

This pandemic has emphasized the importance of healthcare mobile apps to ease the burden on healthcare workers and make it faster and more efficient to connect doctors and patients.  Nowadays, through mobile apps, patients can book appointments with doctors with just one click, whilst doctors can monitor a patient’s condition from anywhere and respond quickly. These apps also help organize schedules and availability, remind patients of their appointments, and give notifications when a patient books or cancels an appointment.

Case Study

We at Aarki recently ran a successful campaign for one of the well-known healthcare apps, targeting users with iOS mobile devices. The campaign registered incredible performance, generating a 253% increase in Conversion Rate (CR) and a 769% increase in Install Rate (IR). Taking a closer look at the campaign performance, we noticed a 73.43% decrease in the Cost Per Registration (CPR) and a 76.49% decrease in the Cost Per Install (CPI).

The success of the campaign was influenced by several factors, but for this article, we will unpack the basic creative strategies that paved the way to the success of this healthcare app campaign.

Creative Strategies for Healthcare Apps

1. Show photos of doctors

Showing photos of doctors can be one of the best ways to inspire confidence and build trust amongst users. When people hear a piece of information, they are likely to remember 10% of it after three days. However, if a relevant photo is added to the message, they will remember 65% of the message after 3 days.


Photos perform better than text ads. Consumers are significantly more likely to think favorably of ads that emphasize photography, over ads that emphasize text.

2. List the benefits of the app 

Keeping customers engaged with your app and appealing to their interests is one of the biggest challenges. List the benefits of your app and, if possible, show a demonstration to boost user engagement and campaign performance.


3. Keep it simple and straightforward

An overcrowded design is off-putting. A design that is simple and straightforward with fewer elements, as well as clean visuals and light colors, is an effective way to grab users’ attention and prompt them to act. Simple design aims at cutting out all extras, saving user’s time, and focusing their attention only on the main function of the app.


With Aarki, you can find out the most effective creative strategy/combination of strategies for your healthcare app. Read more creative insights from Aarki to take your healthcare app to a whole new level!


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