Celebrities in Ad Creatives

Celebrities for ads

Having a familiar face endorse your product is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create brand awareness. Besides getting recognition, the product (and your brand) also benefit from the credibility of the celebrity.

Would you rather buy sports shoes endorsed by basketball legend Michael Jordan, or by me (the author of this article)? Most people (including myself) are likely to trust a well-known celebrity, especially if he or she is an expert in that field. 

Why does celebrity marketing work?

Celebrities help build brand awareness and credibility. A celebrity has a level of recognition and trust, which can be immediately transferred to your app. And while the endorsement campaign won’t last forever, your audience will continue to associate the celebrity with your product for years to come. 

Celebrity endorsement helps you tap into new users by attracting their fan base. People who may not have noticed your app are now more likely to pay attention. The bigger the celebrity, the larger the audience base you are likely to invite into your fold.

Creative Insights

The end result of a celebrity endorsement campaign can be credited to different factors. Here are a few to consider: 

  1. Match the celebrity to your brand’s personality

    By leveraging celebrity endorsement, you are essentially personifying your app. Hence, it is particularly important to find a celebrity that matches your app’s personality. The sentiment that the celebrity generates should be aligned with your positioning, and their followers should align with your target audience. For example, picking a famous athlete to endorse your hardcore first-person shooter game may not be the best idea. 

  2. Humor is key

    Many ads for mobile apps feature celebrities and influencers, but not all of them work. While there are many ways to harness the power of celebrity, the common denominator for successful ads featuring famous people is that they are funny.

    Humor has the tendency to go viral and become meme material. Showing celebrities in humorous situations, or highlighting a particular quirk of theirs, endears them to the audience and makes them relatable. This in turn makes the product they are endorsing more desirable.

    Good example: Old Spice ads featuring Isaiah Mustafa

    Old Spice ad: Isaiah Mustafa with Old Spice in hands
    Credit: Old Spice

  3. Stay on brand

    It’s fun to go for off-beat concepts, but it’s also important not to forsake your app’s identity as well as your celebrity endorser’s image and reputation.
    Find a balance and make sure the humor aligns with your app’s, and the celebrity’s, brand. Not doing so could end up with a hard-sell ad that turns off consumers.
    Good example: Cheetos Superbowl Ad featuring MC Hammer
          Cheetos Superbowl ad: MC Hammer with a Cheetos box in hands
             Credit: Cheetos Superbowl Ad

  4. Keep the focus on your product

    There is a risk the celebrity endorser might outshine the product. So be mindful to make the product the highlight of the ad. Keep your brand name prominent and reinforce your identity with your brand colors as a subliminal reminder. 

Celebrity campaigns are one of the most effective strategies to boost your app marketing. If you haven’t started thinking about celebrity endorsement, now is the time to do so to maximize this strategy’s potential for your app’s advantage.

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