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Have you thought about when your app user is using your social casino and bingo game app? Are they eating at the same time, or enjoying a glass of wine, or even traveling for leisure? Gone are the days when mobile ads were designed for device models. It is essential to design your ad creatives around your audience’s lifestyles and interests. 

Did you know that 74% of US social casino and bingo game app users prefer to purchase online for retail and consumer goods? Or that 42% of users are interested in sports?

User Lifestyle Revised 0625 (2)

To help you understand your app users better and make data-driven decisions, we shared with you the social casino and bingo app user demographics in the first part of our infographic series. The infographic above is the second in our series. It shows impressive statistics about the lifestyle of your social casino and bingo games users that can help you tailor-fit your messages to your users’ interests. 

Feeling more informed? Keep following our insights and don’t miss the next part of our series where we will guide you through your app users’ ad engagement habits.  


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