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Did you know that social casino and bingo app users have different preferences regarding call to action (CTA) colors and CTA texts for different ad formats? Video ads, for example, work best with a “Play Now” CTA, colored in red or blue. Interstitial display ads perform best with a “Play Now” CTA in yellow, blue, or green. And banner ads work best with the same colors as interstitial display but with a CTA of “Open App”. 

User Ad Engagement Infographic

A great creative won’t appeal to everyone, in the same way that an artist like Van Gogh appeals to everyone. But knowing your audience’s demographics and lifestyle, as well as their ad engagement habits (discussed in the above infographic) you can tailor-fit your messaging in a way that will resonate with your audience and drive them to take an action.   

Now that you have the complete guide to your social casino and bingo app user’s background and habits, it’s time to compose data-driven creative and see the results yourself!  


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