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Social Casino & Bingo ad, sketched

During the recent few weeks, we have unpacked behavior trends, as well as demographics, of your social casino and bingo app users. This information – published in three handy infographics - will help you shape your ad creative for more relevance and engagement with your target users.

Now, we have compiled all three infographics into one, to give you a complete user guide you can bookmark for future use. And to make things even easier, here is a summary of the information highlights: 

User demographics

  • Your social casino and bingo app users live in suburbs
  • They are employed and have $75,000 plus income 
  • They are 25-34 years old

User lifestyle

  • Your social casino and bingo app users travel for leisure
  • They prefer online shopping and download music frequently

User ad engagement

  • Your social casino and bingo app users have different preferences regarding call to action (CTA) colors and CTA texts for different ad formats
  • They prefer longer videos, interstitial displays with audio, and, banner ads that offer free coins or rewards
Infographic: social casino and bingo app user statistics

Keep an eye out for more in our Insights series as we unpack the background and interests of users from other app categories. 


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