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Casual puzzle user lifestyle

Increased engagement with mobile apps emerged as an interesting trend this year. Considering that there are countless apps for everything we are doing, have you surveyed why people download your app? Or analyzed how much time they spend on your app? Simple questions, right? Users look to an app to satisfy their interests and needs. The entire mobile app experience has become so personalized today that it is crucial to understand your users and their requirements first, and then design your ad creatives based on their lifestyle and interests.

Did you know that 75% of US casual puzzle game app users are interested in music? Or that 57% travel for leisure?Casual_UserLifeStyle 3

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General Interest

  • 14% Travel

Diet and Fitness

  • 48% Health and Wellness


  • 32% Gardening
  • 29% Food and wine
  • 29% Reading

Food and Drink

  • 30% Pizza
  • 28% Asian
  • 19% Italian


  • 29% Wine

Travel: Purpose

  • 57% Leisure

Travel: Purchasing Habit

  • 54% Online purchase

Brand: Social Media

  • 25% Facebook
  • 24% Pinterest
  • 21% Youtube
  • 15% Instagram

Brand: Streamed Media

  • 42% Amazon Prime
  • 21% Youtube
  • 16% BBC iPlayer

Entertainment: Cinema

  • 31% Romantic

Entertainment: Gambling:

  • 19% Scratch cards

Entertainment: Online

  • 24% Dating

Entertainment: Tickets

  • 56% Theatre

Shopping: Category

  • 26% Home and garden

Shopping: Entertainment and Media

  • 75% Music

Shopping: Fashion

  • 25% Apparel

The first part of our infographic series revealed some interesting facts about the demographics of your casual puzzle app users, to help you understand your target audiences better. The infographic presented above is the second in our series. It shows some useful statistics about the lifestyle of casual puzzle app users to help you deliver messages that will align well with your user’s interests, behaviors, and needs.

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Exciting news, the third part of our infographic series on ad engagement is live!

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