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Puzzle games user demographics

Did you know that 65% of casual puzzle game app users are female? Or that 74% live in the suburbs, and 42% are university graduates?

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  • 65% Female
  • 35% Male


  • 37% 25 - 34 y/o
  • 31% 35 - 44 y/o

Marital Status 

  • 67% Married


  • 74% Suburban


  • 42% University graduate

Occupation: Function 

  • 22% Finance
  • 19% Sales
  • 13% Human Resources
  • 12% Medical

The casual puzzle game market is one of the fastest-growing spaces in the mobile app world today. Casual apps are defined as mobile games where users are not required to put in significant effort to play, win, and enjoy. 

Not only are they fun and relaxing, but they are also proven to help improve user’s cognitive ability and develop the problem-solving functioning of our brains. These apps are receiving a lot of press in health and wellness media channels and are often promoted by educational experts. 

To help you remain competitive in this market, we are presenting a three-part infographic series that will give you more detailed information on the demographics, lifestyle, and ad engagement habits of your app users in the US. Our infographic series will help you better identify your top target audiences and take your next app marketing campaign to new levels of success. 

The first infographic in this series, presented above, reveals some interesting facts about the demographics of casual puzzle app users. These facts can help you craft messages that are clear, relevant, and intriguing. 

Would you like to learn more about your casual puzzle app users? Check out their lifestyle and ad engagement

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