Best Practices for Re-engaging Your Golf Simulation App Users

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Sports game apps serve a variety of audiences, from those who try beat their high score in their spare moments, to the people fanatical about checking their fantasy football team, to players who want to improve their golf swing. In this article, we will talk about creative strategies for Golf Simulation apps and provide you tips on how to win back your lapsed users, and re-engage your active ones.  

Make Your Ad Creative Stand Out

     1. Show how to get freebies

Engage users who are feeling stuck in their golf game by presenting ways they can gain free items – such as login bonuses or a daily bonus wheel. 

golf simulation app freebies, retargeting ad

     2. Show new components and rewards

Re-engage users by promoting their unexplored game components. Tantalize them with exciting features they have yet to experience. Incentivize them to keep playing by showing the different prizes they can win. 

golf simulation app playmore retargeting ad


     3. Emphasize the available courses 

Give a sneak peek of different courses available in the game to encourage players to keep playing to unlock these courses.

golf simulation app, courses, retargeting ad

     4. Show collections

Re-engage your active users by displaying the different collections that players can complete such as club collections. 

golf app, collections, golf clothes, retargeting ad

With Aarki, you can create rich media ads using our proprietary creative suite, Aarki Studio. We make use of multivariate testing to identify the most effective design combinations for your ads and to optimize your creative performance. 

Case Study

Aarki recently delivered a successful re-engagement campaign for a golf simulation app that generated a return on investment (ROI) 4 times higher than the campaign goal, and achieved a very low cost per reactivation (CPR). 

We analyzed the data from the app to better understand the compelling features within the app and the user behavior. 

We leveraged the creative strategies described in this article and used different lapsing periods to unlock scale and performance.

We also implemented a granular segmentation strategy, allowing us to make efficient bid adjustments, which further improved our results. 

Do you need help to elevate your golf simulation game? Let’s work together!

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