Another AI Award! CogX honored Aarki as the Best AI Product in Marketing & Adtech


We are thrilled to announce that Aarki is the winner in the category “Best AI Product in Marketing & Adtech” at the CogX 2020 awards, the world’s leading festival of AI and emerging technology.  

“It is exciting and rewarding for us to receive this accolade, our second AI award this year”, said Levon Budagyan, Aarki’s chief technology officer and co-founder. “This would not be possible without the continuous innovations from our proactive and strategic team. This award is evidence of the breakthroughs that Aarki has achieved, thanks to our data scientists, data analysts, and engineers who are tackling the most exciting challenges in mobile advertising technology.”

We are recognized for our advancement of prediction capabilities in mobile advertising. The custom-developed Pointwise Mutual Information (PMI) model allows us to effectively model Aarki-specific user conversion funnels while pre-training on non-attributed omnichannel event data. With this more accurate calculation of users’ purchase probability, we can improve the return on investment (ROI) and the install probability predictions and decrease the cost per install (CPI).

“We set out the awards to recognize and celebrate some of the best companies in the world,” said Charlie Muirhead, CEO, and Co-Founder of CogX and CognitionX. “We and our judging panel are delighted that Aarki has won our Best Marketing and AdTech award and are extremely impressed with their capabilities particularly with providing quality service and determination to ensure the best ad experience to their clients and users. Once again, congratulations on the win Aarki.”

Our mission is to build the best mobile marketing ecosystem by connecting users to the brands they love, and by delivering performance at scale to advertisers. Our proprietary machine learning platform, Aarki Encore, comprises of Aarki Demand Side Platform and Aarki Studio (our proprietary creative optimization platform). Together, these enable, app developers to run ROI-positive marketing campaigns and deliver the most engaging creatives to their users.  

About CogX

CognitionX was founded in 2015 by Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub to support businesses in getting clarity about the complex and fast-paced world of emerging tech.

Our mission is to democratize and radically improve access to knowledge, resulting in the accelerated adoption of transformational technology, safe and responsible deployment, and benefits that flow to everybody.

We do this via our  Knowledge Network platform by connecting people in real-time with expertise, both within and outside their business, to high-level dinners, to conducting in-depth market analysis through our research papers to our annual Festival CogX, which for the first time went fully virtual hosting over 40,000 participants.

For 2020, the CogX Festival evolved into the Global Leadership Summit,  the first event in the world to connect Global Leaders and Experts and the Public at scale all addressing the question, “How to get the next 10 years right?”


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