Ad Formats Made Simple

Infographics: different mobile screens displaying ad formats

There’s no better way of connecting with your users than through a relevant and engaging ad creative.

The industry has gone a long way since static banner ads, leaving you with so many ad formats to choose from. This infographic explains the most popular ad formats to help guide you choose which one fits best with your creative.

Mobile Ad Formats Made Simple Infographic

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Interstitial Display 

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that are usually displayed inside apps, between transitions or content. An example is breaks between levels of a game.1 Placing interstitial ads between natural breaks of an app gives an uninterrupted experience to users. Although this ad format is usually used for mobile or smart devices, it can also be optimized for desktop. 


Video ads create a more dynamic experience for users. This is a step up from regular visual image formats, making the ad more entertaining. You can present your brand story in a more engaging way, and you can provide users a better overview of your service or product.2

Rewarded Video 

These are opt-in video ads shown in games, which gives users the choice to skip the ad or watch it in full. Watching the ad in full can give users in-app rewards.4

Interstitial Video 

This video format appears full-screen in users’ smartphones or smart devices. Interstitial videos are best placed between breaks of a game or transitions in an app.3


Playables are interactive ads that allow mobile app advertisers to offer a preview of their game that users can play with before they buy or download the game. This gives users a 15-30 second free trial of a game.5

Playables most commonly appear in games or apps.


Banner ads are a combination of imagery and copy. Users are able to click on the call-to-action (CTA) and be redirected to the advertiser’s app. Bannersnack was able to distinguish the top performing display ad sizes.6

Small Banner (320x50)

  • Size is optimized for mobile ads
  • Good way to optimize mobile ads to drive impressions and improve CTRs

Medium Rectangle Banner (300x250)

  • Good starting place for display ads 
  • Compact size 

Native Display 

Native display ads include imagery and text. These ads blend in with the rest of the content of the app, making them look unlike your traditional banner ad.2

Native Video 

Native videos are non-intrusive because they are placed in an app or feed in a way that it doesn’t disrupt the browsing experience of the user.2

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