Aarki: Who We Are, and What We Do

Aarki: Who We Are, and What We Do video

Aarki is a leading technology-driven marketing platform. We are a growing demand-side platform (DSP) with global scale and a proven track record in the mobile gaming market. Our unmatched access to global supply will help you scale performance and reach audiences from all over the world. Aarki pairs Machine Learning with Proprietary Data, to deliver accurate predictions and target the best users for your app. We have offices spread across the globe, bringing us a mix of diverse teammates with different backgrounds.

We at Aarki believe that diversity breeds creativity, innovation, and enhances our problem-solving capabilities. Having colleagues from all over the world helps us gain a deeper understanding about not just work, but life in general. This is why we have no room for discrimination in any form. 

Aarki advocates for diversity and inclusion. Fifty percent of management positions at Aarki belong to women, and we have an ongoing initiative called Women in Mobile. Women in Mobile shines a spotlight on industry leaders who support diversity in our industry. We aim to inspire people to uphold equality, women empowerment, and diversity in our industry, regardless of identity, and to keep making strides to shape this industry for the better. 

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