Aarki Takes Part in ChinaJoy to Educate on Mobile Programmatic

ChinaJoy Conference Aarki

The 18th ChinaJoy conference was held from July 31st to August 2nd at Shanghai with great success! Aarki participated as one of the exhibitors of the conference, introducing mobile programmatic and discussing strategies for mobile app campaigns. We spoke to one of our team members who attended the event to hear her experience!

“I was extremely excited to have an opportunity to attend this amazing event at this particular time. Many advertisers have become aware of the importance of retargeting users. We introduced our business to them, and by speaking with advertisers, they are more open to embrace programmatic channels than ever before. It's a great signal for this field.” - Catherine Jia, Client Services Associate

ChinaJoy Aarki Meeting 2020

During the conference, many leaders, businesspeople and game lovers came together to celebrate the new technologies of the generation. Entertainment and technology were put in the spotlight for this year’s ChinaJoy event and several sessions focused on the future of digital entertainment.  

The three-day event was jam packed with exciting content and insightful sessions. Those who didn’t attend the sessions explored the exhibition areas where they met brands like Aarki. Our team delighted many attendees by discussing Aarki’s capabilities and by sharing our knowledge and expertise on mobile programmatic.   

Aarki Team at ChinaJoy 2020

Aarki’s team in Beijing journeyed to Shanghai to educate ChinaJoy attendees about the advantages and strategies of programmatic advertising. The conference was a success for Aarki with increasing numbers of publishers being interested in programmatic and testing out campaign opportunities. 

If you weren’t able to attend the event or meet our team, contact us here for any inquiries you have!

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