Aarki Announces Integration with TNK FACTORY, a Kakao Company

Aarki and TNK integration: logos

We continue to expand our footprint in the booming Korea market and are pleased to announce our integration with TNK Factory, a Kakao company. TNK Factory is a leader in mobile advertising that helps monetize mobile services through its Advertising Platform and maximize earnings through the Publisher Platform.

“We want to share the benefits that arise from the synergy between TNK Factory and Aarki with our partners by providing them with more diverse advertisements of the highest quality,” said Heetae Shin, CEO of TNK Factory.

Through this integration, Aarki is delighted to already see solid campaign performance with a  cost per install (CPI) of less than $1. TNK platforms are used by over 20 million users and over 2,000 companies for gaming, finance, and sports. In addition to being competitive, TNK has gained invaluable market intelligence by promoting and monetizing over 10,000 mobile services.

"We are thrilled to announce our integration with TNK FACTORY," said Sungpil Lee, Country Manager Korea, at Aarki. "TNK’s reach, both domestically and globally, is suitable for our expanding demand in this region and worldwide. We are sure that access to TNK Factory’s premium inventory will help us further grow our clients’ campaigns and surpass their KPI goals."

About TNK Factory

TNK FACTORY is a provider of mobile advertising services. TNK Factory provides mobile services diffusion and monetization, through which its clients can promote and/or monetize their mobile service through the platform that the company provides. To learn more, visit https://www.tnkfactory.com/tnk/en/tnk.home.main


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