Aarki 2021: Year in Review

Aarki Year in Review 2021

As we approach a new year, we would like to reflect on all the accomplishments we are grateful for this year. 2021 was filled with seeds that we planted that will help us grow even more in the years to come. We continued to adapt to several shifts in the industry and were even acquired by another company. Going through huge changes can be tough, but one thing that kept us going was our collaboration. Despite being apart and only meeting virtually, the collaboration between our teams encouraged everyone to share skill-sets and learn from each other, which led to great ideas that worked towards a unified goal.

Here’s to all our hard working teams, and may 2022 be a great year!

Aarki Year in Review 2021

56 New hires
39 New clients
Skillz integration

5M+ QPS capacity
5 New exchanges integrated

57% Lift in creative build

79 New articles
17 Infographics 
Regional Content Spotlight: 

65.2% Increase in Insights page views

11 Women in Mobile features
3 WIM+ features
Women in Mobile page revamp

55.5% Increase in interactions
40.7% Increase in impressions
9.7% Increase in followers

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