Over 100 million people are already playing the deliciously sweet match 3 game called Cookie Jam by Jam City. With the hectic pace of everyday life, however, some users don’t manage to regularly return to the game. To reignite the passion of lapsed users, Aarki kick-started a retargeting campaign in September 2018.

The Concept




To reactivate the lapsed users’ in-game motivation, we needed to create something captivating that would remind them of the excitement of blasting through dessert-themed islands to help Chef Panda crush cookies before they crumble in Cookie Jam. We created an interactive video interstitial which allowed the users to influence the game storyline by selecting among two paths. Each path would redirect the user to a different island. 



The Results


 The campaign reminded the users of the fun memories they had of the game and drove them to come back and play again. We hit Jam City’s key performance indicators (KPIs), surpassing the return on investment (ROI) and cost per install (CPI) goals. Our campaign ROI went beyond expectations, increasing by +87.07% above the goal and with CPI dropping dramatically, going -75.04% below the goal.