The Overview

Women make up 52.63% of Aarki’s team, with 19% holding management positions. We are passionate about empowering the women working at Aarki across every level and every function, as diverse hiring offers the advantage of increased creativity, and enhanced problem-solving options.

Currently, women are under-represented in the tech sector and with our strong belief that tech needs women and that gender diversity definitely benefits companies, we launched our “Women in Mobile” article series which aims to bring attention to the most inspirational women in the tech scene and acknowledge the women who are building a strong industry presence and taking leadership roles in their companies. Women holding different positions have been given the opportunity to share their stories, experiences, challenges, and achievements within the industry and tackle the most interesting questions: “What is it really like to be a senior female leader at a major tech company?” or “Is there a hard truth of being a female leader that people aren’t sharing?”


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Rachael O'Meara
Senior Account Manager, Google

"The gender gap in ad tech cannot be underestimated and companies like Aarki that take steps towards strengthening women’s voices and leadership in the mobile industry deserve recognition. With the Women in Mobile series, they acknowledge women who are making an incredible impact on technology every day and I am greatly honored to be featured in the series." 

Susan Kuo
COO, Co-Founder, Singular

"Aarki is one of the leading players in the industry that consistently demonstrates strong advocacy of women in mobile through initiatives such as Women in Mobile. We are proud to be their partner in championing the growth and success of women in mobile."

Kim Aquino
Director of Business Development, Aarki

"I grew up in the Philippines, where education is a privilege and females working in tech is very rare. This made me think, how can I encourage women to make a difference in a male-dominated industry? I am fortunate to be part of Aarki, where I am supported as a leader in my field and was trusted to start this initiative supporting women in the mobile ad tech industry called Women in Mobile. This gives women a platform to highlight successes and share their experiences in overcoming challenges in the industry. I cannot change the world alone, but I thought that I can create this platform to champion women who can help to change the world together.

Aarki has been very supportive of women-related initiatives. Aarki is providing equal opportunities to both men and women employees, like computer coding trainings and sending them to global conferences to represent our company. In fact, 50% of Aarki's executive management is composed of women. I am extremely grateful that my company supports this kind of initiative, which I deeply value."



Carla Adraque
Sr. Manager of Sales, Aarki

"With my years at Aarki, I was given the chance to be entrusted with responsibilities where I can exercise leadership. Opportunities for professional development are also available. What I appreciate the most is that Aarki provides an environment where there is gender diversity and I am recognized based on my performance.

Being able to grow professionally and as an individual at Aarki has always been my motivator. I have moved out of my comfort zone, I have been stretched to my limits and discovered areas of potential I had not known. Moreover, I embraced a great change when I was entrusted the opportunity to move roles from campaign manager to sales. As the industry is fast paced and there is a need to shift, I wholeheartedly accepted it as I knew it was also a chance to reinvent myself for my professional growth and my contribution to the company. Additionally, Aarki has always been encouraging of activities where there is sharing of knowledge and enrichment of interdepartmental relationships."



Joanna Escueta
Senior Manager of  Analytics, Aarki

Aarki has helped me grow in this industry through learning from mentors. A mentor doesn’t always have to be your manager. A mentor can be someone whose opinion is valuable because you know that he/she has expertise in the field. I didn’t focus on overcoming the gender gap. Rather, I focus on what I can contribute to the company as an individual. As long as we have the right mindset, there is no way gender or other related inequalities can take success away from you.”


Claire Cruz
Director of Client Services - Asia, Aarki

"What motivates me in my role as Director of Client Services is the opportunity to nurture customer relationships and build strategic collaboration to help our partners meet their marketing objectives and targets. Aarki empowers me with the trust of the management to set goals for my team, decide on strategies and envision together with the other leaders where we want Aarki to be - at the forefront of mobile marketing and advertising.”


Fellese Co
Director of Marketing, Aarki

"Aarki offers opportunities and experiences to everyone without discrimination due to gender (nor age, culture, or religion), be it training, speaking opportunities, mentorships, or team activities. The growing voice of gender equality in the mobile industry has motivated women at Aarki, including me, to continue to excel and work towards success."


Kass Yboa
Creative Director, Aarki 

"Being able to take full responsibility for my team and creative strategy for our campaigns empowers me and makes me feel like my opinions are respected. Working alongside women in management positions in the Aarki Manila office inspires me to work harder."


Photo_KristinaKristina Kern
Director of Client Services - NA & EMEA, Aarki

"Women make up a minority of the tech workforce power, and the importance of our roles remain largely unrecognized. Women's voices and concerns are scarcely heard and often silenced. Impactful solutions start with cultivating diverse employees and empowering women to address and undertake issues. Given the systemic failures we've seen across so many organizations, the onus should not be on women alone to overcome these obstacles. My focus is on being a strong, ambitious individual while also being a kind person. I view success in achievements and character. Being generous and helping others has led to broader learning and greater productivity and success."

Shushan Saribekyan
Software Engineer, Aarki

"The biggest challenge I have ever faced working in the ad tech industry has been the ability to balance my work and life. This industry requires your full attention not only during the work hours but also beyond them. There were times where I needed to allocate a good portion of my family time to work since the mobile advertising industry is growing at an enormously fast pace and you need to work hard to qualify. I did overcome this with the help of Aarki and found a good work-life balance due to working with true professionals. Time can be sufficient if you manage it wisely."