The Overview

In July 2019, Mobilityware partnered with Aarki for a user acquisition campaign to broaden the audience reach of their original Jigsaw Puzzle app. We wanted to inspire the targeted users to try the game by using our creative insights and institutional knowledge gathered from previous experiences. The goal of the campaign was to get an increased user base with high engagement generated at a low cost per install (CPI).


The Idea       

The combination of custom bidding models and dynamic creative optimization was the key to success.

The custom models predicted user quality and lifetime value, deciding whether or not to bid on a user while the Champion/Challenger testing ensured that the target audience was seeing only the creative ads that were fresh and aligned with their interests.               

The Results

Together with the new champion creative ad that highlighted the stress relief and relaxation attributes of the app, we turned the user ad experience into something enjoyable. Far-reaching and compelling creatives perform better and deliver stronger results.

The numbers demonstrate this point. The new champion creative outperformed the creative that highlighted the features in a number of metrics: 

  • CPI dropped dramatically, going -46.57% in comparison with the old champion
  • Install rate (IR) went beyond expectations, hitting 142.46%
  • Click-through Rate (CTR) increased by 43.23%
  • CR (Conversion Rate) increased by a whopping 69.28%.

With the continuous delivery of superior campaign performance for Jigsaw Puzzle app, we have increased and acquired high lifetime value (LTV) users that drove strong engagement, meeting Mobilityware’s campaign objectives.

This campaign is proof that Aarki’s unified approach of Machine Learning and Dynamic Creative Optimization improves campaign performance across various metrics.



“User acquisition and brand awareness are critical when it comes to mobile advertising. Thanks to Aarki’s creative optimization capabilities and their knowledge of the programmatic landscape, we could not only scale up our user base but did it at an optimal cost,” said Paul Chiang, Associate Director of Marketing at Mobilityware.