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Many Japanese users turned to dating apps during lockdown to find human connection, and dating apps had to adapt to a new reality. Dating apps in Japan no longer must prove themselves in terms of popularity, and they are fast becoming a daily necessity, providing entertainment and social connection. Aarki has compiled three resources to gain insights into programmatic creative strategies and best practices:

  • Full length video interview with Japan's top mobile marketers
  • Interview article with transcripts of the video
  • Report: Produce Winning Mobile Ads for Dating Apps in Japan

Industry Experts Discuss Mobile Marketing for Dating Apps in Japan

Through the video interview, you’ll gain more insights into how Ms. Hara from Alphakt and Mr. Hirose from LLC have scaled dating apps in Japan despite the pandemic. This interview is moderated by Hiro Kurata, Aarki’s Country Manager - Japan. Download the interview article and gain access to the full-length video interview.

Hiro Kurata 



Report: Produce Winning Mobile Ads for Dating Apps in Japan

In our report, Aarki has defined specific creative strategies for user acquisition campaigns to scale dating apps in Japan. These were successfully implemented for campaigns for several dating apps. We have looked into:

  • 11,315 dating app ad campaigns
  • 98,048 installs
  • 47,885 in-app purchases
  • 543,440,959 impressions

What to Find in These Resources

icon 1 (1)Dating app landscape and trends in the Japanese market.

icon 3 (1)Creative strategies to help reach - and even exceed - KPIs for mobile programmatic campaigns.

2 (2)Valuable insight for marketing dating apps in Japan.

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