Why Mobile Beats Desktop in Native Advertising

Native advertising is proving itself to be one of the most effective ways of engaging with users in an advertising context. According to BI Intelligence, native ads that appear as branded or sponsored content are delivering higher engagement rates on smartphones and tablets than on desktop. The research found that click-through rates (CTR) for premium native ads were highest on smartphones, at 0.38% in 2015, while tablets saw an average CTR of 0.33%. In the meantime, desktop struggled to achieve a CTR of 0.16% for native ads. So, why is mobile native advertising performing so much better than desktop ads? Let’s find out.

Mobile is Getting Audience Advantage

At a high level, the significant increase in the volume of mobile audiences gives the platform an advantage over desktop. Therefore, native ads on mobile devices can get more impressions in comparison to their desktop counterparts due to the difference in traffic.

Mobile Devices are Better Suited for the Native Concept

Audiences are important but not sufficient reason for the success of native mobile ads. The era where volume alone dictates the definition of success has long gone. What helps mobile to stand out from desktop is the conceptual difference between the usage mobile devices compared desktops. This difference allows native advertising to thrive more on mobile.

Consider for a moment how you use your desktop. I am using my desktop to write this blog post, running my word processor alongside a number of windows that are open for researching articles. In short, the desktop space has become one designed for focus. On the other hand, mobile devices are used on a much more personal and private basis. As a result, users are more reachable through advertising on mobile. Rather than disrupting them at work or in spaces in which they are concentrating, you are meeting them on their personal terms and space. Therefore, mobile native advertising offers real rewards to those who create ads most suited to their target users and chooses the right publishers.

188013.gifMobile Native Advertising Formats are More Successful

According to a report from eMarketer, desktop advertising has been underperforming compared to mobile advertising. The study shows that all three of the principal advertising formats perform better on the small screen by a long shot. The study also found out that ad placements sized for mobile were more viewable than desktop-specific creative for almost all display ad formats. To learn more about how Aarki can help you with your app marketing, please reach out to us at contact@aarki.com.

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