What’s Propelling Mobile Video Growth?

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Mobile video - powered by programmatic - is expected to rock the digital world in the coming years. Recently reported video growth numbers show that the consumption of video content on mobile will not slow down anytime soon.

Furthermore, a forecast in the newest Mobile Visual Networking Index by Cisco, an authority in predictions and statistics for the mobile video business, states that mobile video traffic is expected to grow nine times in volume over the next five years. Video will account for 78% of mobile traffic by 2021, up from 60% today.

Growth Drivers

So, what are the key driving factors of mobile video growth?

  • Higher video viewing frequency

Thanks to steadily growing screen sizes, high quality displays, and the popularity of social media apps, more and more people are now watching video on their phone. According to a report by Pew research center, about 75% of 18-20 years old people watch video on their smartphone, which means watching video on mobile is already more common than using these devices for music.    

  • Vertical video’s presence

The growth of vertical video on different platforms is another key growth driver for mobile video growth. Vertical video turns out to be a content format that’s more captivating than many others.

  • Growth in public Wi-Fi access and 4G connections

Of course, people need a global mobile connectivity mode if they want to access all of this mobile video content. In that respect, global Wi-Fi continues to remain a great option. Cisco estimates strong growth in public Wi-Fi access that will increase six-fold, from 94 million hotspots to 541.6 million hotspots till 2021. Moreover, fourth generation (4G) connections are forecasted to have the highest share (53%) of total mobile connections by 2021.

“From the online advertising point of view, mobile video advertising is taking off because it combines the power of three: sight, sound, and motion allowing marketers to drive higher engagement rates," said Nicol Cseko, Director of Product at Aarki. “It's mobile programmatic and it has the ability to deliver data-driven video advertising that fits consumer context - this separates the best advertisers and agencies from everyone else."

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