What Metrics Should Marketers Consider for Retargeting?

What metrics should marketers consider for retargeting

If you’re an advertiser aiming to run retargeting campaigns in the near future, it’s essential to know what metrics you should consider to maximize your campaign’s performance and to successfully drive growth. 

Grace Oabina, Senior Manager of Analytics at Aarki who leads the retargeting campaign management team, is here to share her tips and tricks for a successful retargeting campaign.


Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Look into ROI as a key metric
  • Leverage retargeting to increase your campaign ROI by maximizing your user base 

Lift and Incrementality 

  • Find out how effective retargeting is versus organic reactivation
  • Look at the lift and incrementality based on revenue, revenue per install (RPI), and return rate
  • Measure lift and incrementality using the holdback group or PSA testing 

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

  • Mind your creative in order to entice the user to go back to the game
  • Measure the effectiveness of your creative through CTR 

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