Webinar Recap: The Most Valuable Retargeting Strategies for Mobile Gaming Apps (EMEA)

Most app marketers are running mobile retargeting campaigns to reactivate lapsed or existing users by driving them to re-install an app or complete post-install actions. According to a study by Adjust, retargeted users outperform new users when it comes to retention, events, and, most importantly, revenue events.

In our joint webinar with Adjust, we explored the most efficient retargeting strategies for mobile gaming apps. It was presented by Nicol Cseko, Director of Product at Aarki, and Martina Bisegna, Technical Senior Account Manager at Adjust.

During the webinar, we took a deep dive into the following topics:

  • Determining the goals of your retargeting strategy
  • Identifying the most valuable retargeting KPIs to monitor  
  • Optimizing the media buying process through retargeting

We also presented some retargeting case studies that showcased improvements on campaign performance after doing creative and campaign optimizations.

Missed the webinar? Not a problem, you can watch the full video here:



Topics: Retargeting