(Apsalar) Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Travel Apps Part 4

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As mobile technology continues to advance, more people begin to do things on their mobile devices instead of in-person or on their desktops. Travel bookings and logistics are no exception as evident in the recent popularity of travel mobile apps. That's why we've partnered with Apsalar to provide travel mobile app developers with tips on how to leverage data for app marketing and stand out from competitors. 

In part three of our travel app best practices series, we reviewed seven use cases in which taking a data-driven approach to travel app marketing can drive incremental ROI. In this final post, we’ll explore how to drive more in app conversions, and add a few concluding remarks to the multi-post series.

Many users of travel apps switch to the PC web to complete their transactions. Lots of experts have theories about why this is so common. Some of the most popular are outlined below:

  1. Travel tends to be a high ticket item, and people have security concerns regarding mobile transactions.
  2. Travel is often a well-considered purchase, and users avail themselves of many different types of connections to access information. But for transacting, consumers still like to use a PC to comparison shop.
  3. Travel booking sometimes requires significant data entry, which is made easier with the fill-sized keyboard of a PC.

Here are a few ideas to improve your chances of success:

  • Communicate Available Offers: Make sure that you communicate available offers clearly and prominently.
  • Create Urgency: If offers are set to expire, give consumers a reason to transact now by communicating deadlines aggressively.
  • Allay Safety Concerns: Make sure you provide assurances that transacting in-app is very safe. If you work with assurance solutions like TRUSTe, make sure you feature those relationships in your checkout process.
  • Simplify the Data Entry: Make sure that your buying experience leverages any contact information you have already in pre-fill forms etc.
  • Pricing Guarantees:  Very few of us have relied on only one website for travel pricing. We check around, or use services that do this for us. If you offer a price guarantee, this can likely improve your chances of in-app conversion.
  • Get Creative About Differentiating In-App Purchases: You and your team may be able to identify ways to differentiate the value of buying in-app.

Final Thoughts

Travel marketers are among the most creative business leaders around. After all, the need to romance experiences and optimize buying processes is part and parcel for success in your industry. Few industry analysts disagree with the idea that apps will become an increasingly critical channel for the travel industry. The time is now for travel marketers to devote their strategic and tactical acumen to the challenges inherent data-driven in-app promotion and business building.

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