Understanding Native Advertising. Part 1: Programmatic Native


Native advertising is proving itself to be one of the most effective ways of engaging with users in an advertising context. According to a prediction made by BI Intelligence, native ads will account for 63% of mobile ad revenue by 2020, up from 53% in 2016.

Why Does Native Advertising Matter?

Since native ads are designed to blend into the existing content of an app, they are not disruptive to user experience. Native ads differ visually in each publication. According to the IAB, native ads have the following characteristics:

  • Cohesiveness - Deliver content that parallels with page or app content
  • Assimilation - Integrated into page or app design
  • Consistency - Conform with platform behavior

Native ads are not seen as a disruptive element but rather a part of the user experience that’s why they are more likely to be noticed and clicked on. As more and more app marketers shift their focus to native ads, they will likely find an increasing amount of impressions and higher CTR.

The Perfect Combination of Native and Programmatic

Native ads are more viewable and accumulate higher purchase rates than standard formats. On the other hand, programmatic delivers a personalized, relevant ad experience for viewers while giving marketers and publishers the optimum ROI. Combine these two and you will have the programmatic native.

Programmatic native advertising is a technique designed to incorporate the marketers’ messages and assets in a publisher’s feed.

The combination of native ad units with programmatic buying on strategic, conceptual, and technological levels, offers brands the ability to integrate their communications into two crucial facets of effective advertising: relevance and personalization.

Programmatic buying allows advertisers to make native ads even more relevant. By leveraging machine learning and contextual signals, programmatic native ads can be tailored to both the user and the placement at scale, resulting in better performance for advertisers.

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