Understanding Dynamic Creative Optimization in Programmatic Advertising

As app marketers get savvier at collecting and leveraging data, the opportunities around personalization ad messaging, also known as dynamic creative optimization (DCO), are evolving. According to a study by eMarketer, nearly two-thirds of U.S. ad agencies are optimizing or customizing ad creative dynamically based on data. The primary goal for using DCO is to drive user engagement and clicks. To dive deeper into the topic, let’s first find out what DCO really is.

What is DCO & How Does It Work?

DCO is a display ad technology that automatically optimizes ad creative based on multivariate testing. Using DCO is a little like doing a bunch of A/B tests at the same time and using an algorithm to interpret the results in order to serve the best performing creative.

DCO ad units use feeds of data and a set of rules to generate hundreds or even thousands of unique creatives on the fly. As the campaign runs, the performance of each variant is analyzed. The ad unit starts to automatically show more of the elements that yield high performance, and less of the elements that underperform. DCO technology ensures that your media dollars are always spent on the best performing creative.

The Benefits of DCO

A prime feature for DCO is the ability to automate the optimization. When combined with other features including machine learning technology and algorithms, DCO allows app marketers to rest assured that their advertising efforts are in the optimal position for visibility.

Additionally, DCO is not only limited to just banner ads. You can also utilize DCO for the development of links sponsored on social media, as well as videos and rich media.

At Aarki, our in-house designers create and test ads in a variety of formats to evaluate the best format for your campaign. Even within a given ad format, the components of the ad are optimized using multivariate creative testing. This dynamic creative optimization technology ensures that your media dollars are always spent on the best performing creative. 

To learn more about how Aarki can help you with your app marketing, please reach out to us at contact@aarki.com.

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