Trying Innovative Approaches & New Strategies to Creative


In any business, one of the most basic dilemmas is the trade-off between the exploration of new possibilities and the exploitation of old certainties. And so it is in mobile advertising. Mobile marketers are often torn between trying different ad creative approaches to explore the best ways to achieve their campaign goals, or sticking with accustomed tactics. The truth is, tried-and-tested strategies are good but trying new strategies can reinvigorate a campaign. Read on to learn why you should try new and innovative strategies for your next app marketing campaign.

1. Try out of the box ideas

If you have space for experiments, think outside of the box. Use creative strategies that make your message memorable. In some cases, you can even convey ad elements that are not necessarily in line with what the app does but if they are memorable, there is a high potential that the user will install. The event-based ad creatives are a good example of this strategy. By integrating the elements of a specific event with the style of the app, you can convey the feel of the event and compose a memorable creative design that will spark users’ interests.

                        superbowl-gif-1  holi-gif

2. Avoid creative fatigue

If you show the same ad creative in a high frequency, your message will have a high chance of getting stale.  As a result, users will abandon the app sooner than expected. Implementing new and innovative strategies for your ad creative can be the holy grail in fighting ad fatigue. The result will be increased click-through rates (CTR) and return on investment (ROI).

Apply new strategies both for gaming and non-gaming apps.

For non-gaming apps—for example, a meditation app—using hypnotic repetitive imagery can resonate with the audience better than showing calm scenes and using nature sounds. On the other hand, if you have a gaming app, like a puzzle app, instead of showing puzzle gameplay, you can show customization features or special puzzle packs in a slideshow format.

                   meditation  puzzles

3. Highlight other elements or features of the app that have not been featured before

Continuously keep users of your non-gaming apps engaged by updating them with your app’s latest services, like discounts or promos, or other new offerings (new products, catalogs, etc.). Advertising news products/catalogs through sequential messaging will increase your chances of engaging users and will allow you to walk them down the conversion funnel.

                  sequential-1   sequential-2  

For a gaming app, featuring the latest levels, features, themes, and characters may increase the conversion rate. While marketing a gaming app, use characters, and levels encouraging and challenging the users to keep playing. Let them feel that something really exciting awaits them and you will be able to keep high-level players engaged.

Find the Right Balance

In an industry of increasing personalization and continuous innovation, using new strategies can be crucial for the success of an app marketing campaign. The key is to find the right balance between old and new strategies and not to miss any chance to innovate.

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