Transparency, The Key to Success in Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising’s growth has been explosive in the past years. In fact, a study by eMarketer indicated that a good majority of the digital ad spend in the U.S. can be credited to programmatic. The study forecasted that this year, programmatic ad spend will reach $22 billion and continue to increase in the future. It can be the most robust method of mobile advertising, but it is by no means perfect. Despite its explosive growth, there are still concerns in regards to programmatic. One of the biggest concerns is transparency, or lack thereof. With such a large amount invested into programmatic, is it not only fair that advertisers know exactly where their money is going?

Importance of transparency

Transparency can be vital to an app marketing campaign performance. Knowing which creative variants are being used, where the ad is being run, and how the ad is performing can be important. Visibility into these events provide insights on performance drivers, such as top publisher placements and best performing ad creative variants, which are necessary to optimization plans. Without visibility into any of these, neither creative or media optimization will be possible.

Benefits of transparency

eab03.jpgAs an advertiser, transparency allows better control and management of campaign investment. Having visibility into current performance allows advertisers to exercise changes over the campaigns in real-time. With insights into performance drivers, advertisers can optimize creative and media in a more effective manner, such as scaling up spending on publishers and creative variants that are yielding good results against campaign key performance indicators (KPI). Similarly, those with poor performance can be removed. This ensures that overall campaign performance continues to improve instead of fall over time and advertiser will get stronger return on their ad spend.

In a completely transparent environment like Aarki Encore, advertisers can see exactly where their ads are running, what type of audiences are seeing the ad, and what they are getting back from their ad spends. The proprietary platform also allows advertisers to make changes and adjustments to campaign parameters in real-time. To learn more about Aarki Encore, please reach out to us at


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