Transparency and API Updates


Transparency is the key to a programmatic advertising campaign success. Aarki Encore, our proprietary mobile advertising platform, takes campaign transparency to the next level by letting advertisers track campaign performance, creative variants, and media placement in real-time, and make real-time decisions to help their campaign drive stronger ROI.

Through our customer portal and reporting API, we provide full transparency on exchange, publisher, and sub-publisher levels. Advertisers can see exactly where their campaigns are running, which creatives are performing the best, and view the performance to understand what they are getting for their ad spend.

With our efforts to give marketers the most granular view of our traffic, we strive to improve the quality of our product. We’re excited to announce several new features for Aarki Encore that aim to simplify the process of reporting, enabling advertisers to exercise more control over their report format and data in the API. Updates include:

  • Options to remove default dimensions and IDs to streamline and customize reports
  • Ability to break out campaign and creative metrics between open auction and deals spend

Another exciting update: foreign currencies in postbacks for revenue events are now converted to USD using daily exchange rate services, allowing for simplified and accurate ROI measurement to optimize across global campaigns.

Stay tuned for more Aarki Encore updates—a game-changing technology that consists of a scalable media buying platform and a powerful creative design suite.


Topics: Product