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Europe’s Biggest Mobile Game Advertising Creative Pain Point – Localization

The main objectives of running user acquisition app marketing campaigns are fairly consistent among different regions of the world. The differences are in how an app goes about achieving their goals. Last month at Apps World in Berlin, Germany, industry thought leaders agreed – user targeting outside of the U.S. is just more complicated. And what’s the biggest creative pain point? Localized creative.


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Fewer Partners, Better Users

Starting is the hardest part. But once you start, you are halfway there. This is especially true if you start with the right partner. It’s a downstream effect: the right partner leads to the right users. Read below for the top two misconceptions we’ve encountered about narrowing partners and how one partner (or a very select few) can overcome your greatest concerns.



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Creativity and Optimization in Mobile Advertising – Solving for the Oxymoron

shutterstock_129265442_1_1Data, data, data, it’s the talk of the town and an important one. Agencies are slowly jumping aboard, two weeks ago WPP announced the formation of Gain Theory, a new agency dedicated to data analysis, platforms and models.

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#MultivariateAd Challenge



Monday we announced multivariate ad optimization has arrived. A/B testing, multivariate optimization, dynamic creative optimization, goal-based ads and dynamic ad serving – Aarki Encore has them all.

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Mobile Video Ad Solutions for Faster Ad Loading and Rendering

MobileAdvertisingIt’s no secret that mobile digital video is dominating the space. Last week, I had a chance to sit down with our Senior Director of Engineering, Mark Kalygulov, to get his thoughts on improving performance for mobile video advertisements.

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HTML5 for Mobile Video Ads, the Flash Killer

Video exploded this year, which left advertisers and publishers scrambling for ways to monetize mobile video advertising. However, monetization is still limited by the compatibility of advertising technology across different platforms and ad formats. Ad platforms need to be equipped with the ability to support multiple ad formats and run on any mobile phone in order to fully monetize the mobile video advertising space.

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Move Aside Media, Make Way for the Creative

Media SaaS platforms are springing up everywhere, crowding the space. From start-ups to established players, sellers evangelize the centralization all of media planning, buying, reporting and first party data management, across premium, programmatic and native buys. Whether it’s mobile, tablet, desktop, programmatic TV, display, video or search, each platform touts a secret sauce to better media targeting and performance.

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Designer Tip #8: Love at First Sight

Why mobile advertising is just like trying to get a date. It may seem a bit far-fetched, but hold your judgement and read on.

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Designer Tip #7: A Framework for Building Interfaces

In the my last article, “Designing Joyful Experiences,” I talked about the “Do” and how you should take care in crafting your interfaces on mobile. In this article, I focus on the framework that helps us design these interactions.

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Designer Tip #6: Improving Click Quality by Optimizing Creative in Interactive Ads

There is a strong link between performance and creative. The ways in which the two interplay is constantly evolving, creative teams and analyst teams are brought closer and closer together for real-time optimization. Aarki Analytics Manager Casey McKnight and Software Engineer Igor Raush walk us through their latest project to link creative closer to performance.

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