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How to Leverage Programmatic for Your Retargeting Needs. Part 2: Creative Strategies


Creative is the first thing users notice in an ad. Whether or not users will remember your ad message and take action greatly depends on how well they can relate to the creative. The right ad creative targeted to the right segment can make your app marketing campaign a hit. On the other hand, app marketers can lose huge opportunities with incorrect creative. Here we continue our blog series with the aim to give a clear understanding of how to leverage programmatic for your retargeting needs. In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed how you can define segments in order to target users more precisely and reach those who are likely to have high lifetime value. Part 2 aims to zoom in on the best creative strategies for a shopping app per given segment.

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Have You Optimized Your Ads for the Holiday Season?


With U.S. online spending during the holiday shopping season expected to grow 14.8 % this year to reach $124.1 billion, far surpassing the 2.7% growth forecasted for brick-and-mortar locations, retailers need to both expand their ability to serve more consumers and position themselves to grab a larger slice of the holiday pie.

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How to leverage programmatic for your retargeting needs? Part 1: Defining Segments


Retargeting has been one of the most discussed topics in the mobile advertising industry in recent years. Although most advertisers have heard about this strategy, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how to better leverage programmatic for their retargeting needs.

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Keeping Users Engaged Through Sequential Advertising


Every day, app users are exposed to many ads, which makes it harder for advertisers to develop relevant and memorable ads. Telling a story in the form of an ad has proven to be effective, but just as as advertisers should know what story to tell their audience, they must also know exactly when to tell it.

This is why sequential advertising is important in telling a relevant and engaging story.

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Sharing Audience Segments with Aarki via mParticle

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With the rapid development of more advanced targeting capabilities for mobile programmatic media buying, marketers are now able to target users on an even more granular level. And thanks to the adoption of different strategies for audience segmentation, it’s now easier for marketers to reach more targeted users through their app marketing campaigns.  

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What Is Deep Linking and Why Should Marketers Care?

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Acquiring app users is only half the job. To convert your app users into paying customers, app marketers need to show relevant content. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is through deep linking.

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Reactivation Strategy: The Aarki Way

Gone are the days when advertisers were relying only on the install volume in analyzing campaign performance. As the mobile programmatic marketing industry continues to mature and develop, engaging and retaining users with high lifetime value (LTV) has emerged as a more critical challenge.

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PMP vs. Open Exchange: Access a more exclusive, premium inventory with stable volume

Programmatic offers multiple ways for mobile app advertisers to find the right media inventory for their ads, one of which is Private Marketplaces (PMP).

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Reactivation Strategy: Campaign Management


Acquiring high LTV users is a big challenge, and retaining and keeping them engaged is yet another. In fact, many apps are failing to maintain user interests and keep them interested for a long duration. Which has led to the increased use of retargeting strategies by many app marketers.

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2018 Programmatic Predictions, Part 2: How Mobile Industry Will Shape Out


Mobile apps have already changed the digital world we live in, and there’s still a lot more to look forward to this year as we continuously develop tools and strategies to make people’s lives more convenient. According to the latest research by eMarketer, in 2017 people spent 2.5 hours a day using their mobile devices, a jump of 10.3% over 2016. But have we been taking advantage of this rapid growth of the mobile ecosystem? Let’s look at some forecasts for 2018 which will take us closer to leveraging the industry’s full potential.

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